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Thank you Britain

Posted by Fred on June 26, 2016
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Photo of a biometric British EU passport

Dear Britain.


Thank you for being a pioneer. Showing a way. Kicking us in the arse and waking us up.


You said no.

You did not realise.  And then it all happened. Maybe You thought it was just another useless referendum where your no is against a government ? Come on. Read the question before answering.


We won’t ask you to give your Countryside roads back.

And we know you you will survive.  You will get over it as usual. Because this is your fighting spirit. And we love you for that.


And I hope people in the eu will at last understand they have to do something with Europe. Change things. Make more Europe. Integrate fiscal and social laws. Go for a federation. Well, make Europe again  more useful for the common people.


It already is. But people tend to forget.

People forget how painful it can be to change currency. Ask for a visa. A working permit for a summer job. Buying cheap beers in Calais on a day trip.


And you are here to help us reminding the world how painful it is. You will find it painful and you don’t even have to change your currency.

(Well, it changed, the market took care of that).


You will loose Dimitri Payet. He might not be granted a work permit. And anyway, he does not want to be paid in a worthless currency.


So do it. Trigger your article 50. Now. Do it well. Because we need to see the real effect of this choice.


One funny thing as well : as English is the official language only for the UK in the list of European languages it will have to be withdrawn from the translation scheme. I suggest you make your exit negociations in Bulgarian.


You will be an example. Thank you for that. And people in other countries will think about it. ( Or maybe not).


And we might be able to change things. Within the eu. We might be able to say to our own euroseptics : ‘see, is that really what you want ?’


Anyway, you were not Really part of it. Your own coins. Your own left driving. Your own marmite. You own plugs. Your own campaign to tell Scotland ‘we are stronger together’.


Maybe Charles de Gaulle was right when he opposed your application in the 60’s. Twice.


So thank you Britain ! For your sacrifice. For exploring the path of regression. You will fight on the land. You will fight in the air. But you will struggle in the inside.


We’ll be watching you. While you’ll be queuing with the non eu passports holders at the airport. Like any common immigrant.


The 27 countries have got a lot of work to do to improve the EU. The EU is not perfect. And the Brexit is a good occasion to start acting. Francois and Angela, take your chance.


Ps : I met so many great people in my Erasmus years in London. I know it is only a 52 / 48 result. And that the votes are different in relation to the areas. But … This is democracy. Good or bad. I love you Britain, but franchement ….


Ps 2 :

It is a bad idea to win the 2016 euro. Ukip supporters might not understand two different messages in one month.